Sunny Saturday

Posted on Mar 21, 2015 | by Irene Tyack | Irene's Blog

At last some sunshine still cold wind though, my favorite time of year is fast approaching. April, the month when everything comes alive, wild flowers everywhere, and the dawn chorus is wonderful, I am lucky as I wake at four o clock every morning, I leave the window open so I can hear the dawn chorus! The gallery as been quite busy and I am still trying to finish The Waterfall, but have to also keep painting commisions so quite busy. I always work out my work load for the coming week, Monday paperwork/book work, Tuesday paint, Wednesday paint, Thursday indian ink, Friday shop, housework and cook. every evening bookwork and so it goes on. Just been doing a new indian ink ( Two palm trees with a tight rope from one to the other tree, on the tightrope a yellow hat pushing a wheelbarrow full of coconuts) I will post finished pic on blog watch this space!