Grey Day

Posted on Mar 16, 2015 | by Irene Tyack | Irene's Blog

Its grey and trying to rain, at least i am in the gallery where everything is sunny, this is my second blog and i am trying to do it on my own, yesterday i was lucky to have help off my brilliant web site designer Reg!

I am not keen on Mondays, although i was born on a Monday there always seems to be paper work, endless for me. I just want to paint but i have to have everything in order before i start this week. I need to do two days on the waterfall then hopefully start a new collection of small indian ink pictures, these have become very collectable around the world. I will show some on my future blogs, thats if i dont forget how to blog.

I have a car load of Americans arriving shortly, just had a quick tidy up!

Thats it for today!



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  • Lucy Sheldon said on Mar 9, 2016 6:03 pm

    Hi, I have a painting done by your good self which I would like to sell. Could you give me any pointers as to the best place to sell it or any collectors that I could contact. Kind regards,